Massimo Giangrande is an Italian singer, songwriter and producer, born in Rome in 1973.
He has released over the years, albums with variations of style, from indie-rock, electronica to new folk. He began his musical career as the guitarist and singer of Punch & Judy, an indie-rock band with whom has released, in 2004, the album "La cura migliore" for the independent italian label In Out. After dissolving of the band, he started composing music for theatre performances and soundtracks and has been working, with some of the most original and talented Italian directors. He also worked as a session guitarist and bassist, playing on tour with some of the most important italian artists.

After a period of stay in England and France e came back in Italy starting his musical solo career and he realized his recording studio in the woods.
In 2008 his debut solo album "Apnea" was released with positive reviews from critics and considered from the press and radios as one of the best and most inspired debut albums of that year.

In the summer of 2012 he enters in his studio with his friend and producer Paolo Benvegnù, to start the recordings of the new songs for his second album "Directions".
In 2016 he doubled as producer and composer in the realization of the album “Five and a feather" for the French-African folk-singer Awa Ly. The album featured, among others, musicians like Greg Cohen (former double bass of Tom Waits & Fiona Apple) and Ballaké Sissoko.
He has collaborated over the years with many musicians and singers including Greg Cohen, Vincent Segall, Awa Ly, Vinicio Capossela, John Parish, Alì Keita, Ballaké SissoKo amongst others.

Giangrande’s influences are rooted in folk, blues and experimental music. If you’re looking for a point of comparison think of the early 70’s music of John Martyn and Tim Buckley with an international flavour.

His latest album “Beauty at closing Time” has been released in 2018 and it’s been considered the most inspired and mature record of his career.

His upcoming new album “Beehives of resistance” will be released in 2021. This new record opens new paths to the complexities of music and the layers of sound that you can achieve by feeling it. It’s like a door opened and new possibilities flooded in.